Made for Designers to Build


Our new workshop is under construction as phase one of our future plans. With three tall glass garage doors, we look forward to sharing our work with the people passing by. The heavy timber structure is made of trees harvested on campus.


The space has broad spans to enable students to work on simultaneous design-build projects, such as mobile medical units that recycle old shipping containers. The equipment will also be available for making models and prototypes.

The benefit of manual training is needed also by professional men [and women]. A man may have a brilliant mind; he may be quick to catch ideas; his knowledge and skill may secure for him admission to his chosen calling; yet he may still be far from possessing a fitness for its duties. An education derived chiefly from books leads to superficial thinking. Practical work encourages close observation and independent thought.
— Ellen G. White, Education, p. 220


Available tools include table saws, band saws, jigsaws, sanders, planers, lathes, various drills, drill-presses, and other equipment. A new computer numerical control (CNC) router will be available after completion of the new workshop space. For a complete listing of available tools, fees, and safety rules please download this PDF document.

The workshop is managed by a faculty member as woodshop coordinator, a part-time shop supervisor, and by student assistants.