Architecture is a state-licensed profession that shapes the physical places we live, work, and worship in. Architecture inspires us to live well, but it also serves our everyday needs. Architects are caring professionals who collaborate with others. They guide the process of conceiving, designing, and implementing buildings. In turn, they shape communities and the landscapes we are stewards of.

is architecture for me?

Architects care about beauty, but also structures. We seek to uplift people’s experience, but are also stewards of limited resources. How do buildings shape cities, and how can they help us care for the environment? We like to draw and see architecture as a creative art, but we also solve technical problems on computers and desire practical solutions to everyday life. We love to design, and we care about craftsmanship. We have an eye on the details but keep the big picture in mind. We are most satisfied when life thrives in and around the things we created collaboratively.

If this sounds rewarding, then architecture is for you.


The word “architect” comes from the Greek and means “master builder”. The first person in the Bible who is described to be filled with the Holy Spirit was an architect. His name was Bezalel, and the book of Exodus records how God used him to design and build the tabernacle - a portable building that pointed to the saving work of Jesus.

God cares about the places we dwell in. As the ultimate architect, He created a place for us in Eden and is preparing a city for us now. He chose for His son to be raised by a builder. Architecture is a ministry, and He has important work for you to do.


In recent years, 100% of our graduates have found employment in the profession and related disciplines - frequently with leading practitioners. Growth is driven by the need in all sectors, but demand is expected especially in health care architecture and green design. Beyond this, our school has a national professional reputation in the fields of urban design and related architecture.

Median Salary $78,470

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Degree Options

Master of Architecture 5-1/2 years

The professional degree program consists of a pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture and then a Master of Architecture. When earned sequentially, the degree track results in the accredited professional education.

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Master of Architecture - 3-1/2 years

The Master of Architecture 3 1/2 year degree track is an accredited professional degree that is designed for students who have previously earned an undergraduate degree in an unrelated area of study.

The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies is a non-professional degree. Students who elect for the Bachelor of Science degree do not proceed into the professional degree track. In this program, Architectural Studies is declared as a major and upon successful completion, receives an undergraduate degree. Students taking the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in architectural studies may seek advanced degrees or employment in the construction industry, the arts, business, or other fields.

Unsure if you want to pursue architecture or interior design?  No worries!  The first year of the two programs require the same coursework so you do not have to decide right away.  Take the first year to prayerfully consider the direction God would have you go.  During the first year you are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor, your professors, and visit firms in order for you to make an informed decision that is the best for you. 

Architectural Student Work