Interior Design

Interior design is a profession that shapes the indoor spaces we live, work, and worship in. Interior design inspires us to live well, but it also serves our everyday needs. Interior designers are caring professionals who collaborate with others. They guide the process of conceiving, designing, and implementing interior spaces and their furnishings. In turn, they shape our everyday lives.


Interior designers care about beauty, but also product quality. We seek to uplift people’s experience, but are also stewards of limited resources. How does color shape our lives, and how can lighting help us care for the environment? We like to draw and see interior design as a creative art, but we also solve technical problems on computers and desire practical solutions to everyday life. We love to design, and we care about craftsmanship. We have an eye on the details but keep the big picture in mind. We are most satisfied when life thrives in the spaces we created collaboratively.

If this sounds rewarding, then interior design is for you.

How can i serve god?

The first person in the Bible who is described to be filled with the Holy Spirit was an interior designer. His name was Bezalel, and the book of Exodus records how God used him to design and build the tabernacle - a portable interior with detailed furnishings that pointed to the saving work of Jesus.

God cares about the places we dwell in. As the ultimate designer, He created a place for us in Eden and is preparing mansions for us now. He chose for His son to be raised by a craftsman. Interior design is a ministry, and He has important work for you to do.

What is the market like?

100% of our interior design graduates have found employment in the profession. Growth is driven by the need in all sectors, but demand is expected especially in green design and in accommodating the future living needs of an aging population. It is estimated that Americans spend about 90% of their lives indoors, so interior design is in constant demand.

Median Salary $51,500

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


The Bachelor of Interior Design is a four-year plus one summer course of study and results in the Bachelor of Interior Design. This degree qualifies students to participate in the Interior Design Experience Program (IDEP) which is required in order to be eligible to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certification examination.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED:  The Bachelor of Interior Design will not be available unless a critical mass of students (minimum of 6) enter the program in Fall 2019.

Unsure if you want to pursue interior design or architecture?  No worries!  The first year of the two programs require the same coursework so you do not have to decide right away.  Take the first year to prayerfully consider the direction God would have you go.  During the first year you are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor, your professors, and visit firms in order for you to make an informed decision that is the best for you. 

Interior Design Student Work