Our Mission

We promote stewardship, rigorous scholarship, and creative problem-solving, and encourage you to:

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Shape places that foster whole human health.

Explore time-honored and innovative solutions that work.

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Seek joy beauty, and moderation in a lifelong pursuit of learning.

Serve mankind in accord with your professional and Christian vocation.

All this for the glory of God until the risen Christ comes again!

school of architecture & interior design

We are an NAAB-accredited program located at Andrews University in Southwest Michigan. Our school embraces a Seventh-day Adventist mission - one of only two fully-accredited schools of architecture amongst protestant Christian universities in the United States. Our small class sizes make it easy for you to connect meaningfully with our professional faculty and creative peers. You can pursue the following degrees here:

  • Master of Architecture professional degree (M.Arch)

  • Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies (BSAS)

  • Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)

Our curriculum is centered on principles which promote human well-being, intentional design, hands-on learning, and service to God and our neighbors. The heart of our curriculum is the design studio, where your creativity is cultivated and put to work in a practical and collaborative education. Our dedicated faculty and commitment to mission foster respect, engagement, and innovation among all participants in the learning process.

We invite you to explore the experience of studying with us.

A positive and respectful learning environment is demonstrated with distinction throughout the program and across all levels. The dedicated faculty and the commitment to the mission of the program fosters respect, engagement and innovation among all participants in the learning process.