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(269) 471-6003

The architecture faculty aspires to teach sound thinking, practical skills, and rigorous scholarship in the discipline of architecture; and promotes students who: Craft buildings that are dignified, durable and purposeful; Design communities that foster civility; Serve mankind in accord with their professional and Christian vocation; Seek the virtues of joy, beauty, wholeness and moderation in their lifelong pursuit of learning. All this for God's honor and His glory until the risen Christ comes again.

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Renaissance Kids


Renaissance Kids aspires to provide creative hands-on projects to make complex ideas accessible to young minds.  We engage kids in problem solving activities that center on gaining understanding of people’s relationship with the physical world.  Projects are often collaborative as the architecture of cities, buildings, landscapes, and places requires cultural understanding and cooperation.  We place tools in kids’ hands to explore the world of drawing, design, construction, and more!    


2017 Schedule

Ages 5-7

Session A1 (am)  $165
June 12-16    8:30-12:00
@AU Architecture building

Session A2 (pm)  $165
June 26-30  1:45-5:15
@ AU Architecture building

Ages 7-9

Session B1 (am)  $165
June 19-23   8:30-12:00
@ AU Architecture building

Session B2 (pm)  $165
June 19-23   1:45-5:15
@ AU Architecture building

Session B3 (full day)  $340
June 19-23   8:30-5:15
@ AU Architecture building

Session B4 (am)  $165
July 10-14   8:30-12:00
@ The Box Factory for the Arts


Ages 10-12

Session C1 (pm)  $165
June 12-16   1:45-5:15
@ Krasl Art Center

Session C2 (am)  $165
June 26-30   8:30-12:00
@ AU Architecture building

Session C3 (pm)  $165
July 10-14    1:45-5:15
@ The Box Factory for the Arts

Ages 13-16

Session D1 (full day)  $390
July 17-21   8:30-3:30
@ AU Architecture building*
July 24-28   8:30-3:30
@ Café Gulistan, Harbert

*location subject to change


Ages 5-7

Ages 7-9

Ages 10-12

Ages 13-15


2017 & 2018
Peace Garden Build Project


We are excited that for Renaissance Kids’ 10th Anniversary, this year’s build project is a most powerful one! The community build project will be the beginning of a year-long endeavor, involving kids at every phase from ideation to construction to the unveiling of what we are calling a “Peace Garden.”

The garden will include larger than life sculptures representing the beauty and richness of an immigrant population, called the USA.  The idea of the garden was inspired by Ibrahim Parlak’s struggle to stay in the country where his loving and caring community minded service in Southwest Michigan has beautifully touched so many lives.

The sculptures that Renaissance Kids will help design, draw, construct, and seek approval for, will be placed somewhere in the local landscape to represent any people that come together in support of refugees and immigrants truly seeking freedom, prosperity, and peace.  The charge to the kids will be to design large sculptures that are “burdened.” They are accompanied by an empty pedestal and bear witness to any immigrant struggling with threat of deportation.  The sculptures have “holes in their hearts.”  But color resides in the void to represent perpetual hope.

For more information about Ibrahim, see New Yorker and Pecha Kucha and Democracynow

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."
Abraham Lincoln

This image is a placeholder; the kids will will be integrally involved in the final outcome.