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The BA in History enables students to understand the past and its relationship to the present through a variety of American, European and non-western history courses, training in a foreign language, hands-on experience in historical research, and an introduction to historical philosophy and theory. The program teaches students to evaluate sources, whether written or oral, trace the workings of cause and effect through time, and synthesize information and present it clearly in written form. The foreign language requirement exposes students to another culture and opens up opportunities to study events from a different cultural perspective than their own. The degree provides a broad base from which to view and understand events both past and present. Students also have the opportunity to pursue personal interests though electives and some political science courses may be applied.

Political Science
The Interdisciplinary BA and BS degrees in Political Science are designed to teach analytical, administrative, and advocacy competence in the development of national and international public policies. The BA degree includes government, public policy making, international affairs and comparative politics combined with substantial course work in a second discipline of the student’s choice. A foreign language is required. The BS degree includes the same courses and requirements as the BA, but has no foreign language requirement. The department’s course work coordinates with other programs that the university offers. Students may choose the BA or BS depending on their interest in a foreign language.

Social Studies
The BS in Social Studies is open to all students and fulfills requirements for those seeking secondary certification in the field. The BS in Social Studies: Elementary Education is open only to students pursuing certification in elementary education. Both Social Studies programs have United States and European history as their core, supplemented by courses in political science, economics, and geography.