Political Science

A Political Science major equips students with unique knowledge and skills that can lead to success in a wide range of areas. It prepares students for careers in teaching, government and politics, law, and for graduate student in a wide range of professional and academic areas. In addition to the goal of preparing students for a specific profession, it teaches lessons in citizenship and statesmanship and seeks to encourage the moral, intellectual, civic, social and spiritual maturity to accompany a life well-lived. The discipline of Political Science also teaches students to critically assess a host of difficult problems and aims at finding practical solutions to some of the world's most urgent social, economic and political problems. In short, political science will give students the knowledge and tools to contribute to their community and world in important ways.

The decision to offer a Political Science Program at Andrews University is anchored in the defensible Christian perspective, as expressed by Ellen White:

"What is the aim and purpose of your life?  Are you ambitious for education that you may have a name and a position in the world?  Have you thoughts that you dare not express that you may one day stand upon the summit of intellectual greatness; that you may sit in deliberative and legislative councils, and help to enact laws for the nation?

There is nothing wrong in these aspirations.  You may every one of you make the mark.  You should be content with no average attainments.  Aim high, and spare no pains to reach the standard."  (E. G. White, Fundamentals of Christian Education, p. 29.)

BA or BS: Political Science - 42 Credits
See our degree guide for Political Science.

Minor in Political Science - 21 Credits
See the bulletin for minor requirements.


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