History Degrees

BA: History-42 Credits
HIST117, 118, 204, 205, 235, 404, 480, 488, 490, two upper division courses in American History and two upper division courses in European or other non-U.S. history.
Electives: The following political science courses may be applied to the history major: PLSC104, 360, 370.
The Major Field Achievement Test in History must be taken by all majors during their senior year. Students seeking secondary certification must complete HIST459 and PLSC104, which count towards the major, as well as GEOG110 and ECON225.

Minor in History-21 Credits
HIST117, 118, 204, 205, 404, and 6 additional credits of upper division history courses.
Students desiring secondary certification must also complete HIST459, GEOG110, ECON255 and PLSC104.

Pre-Professional Curricula in Public History
Public or applied history refers to careers in history-related fields other than teaching. The major areas include museum management, archival management, and historic preservation, as well as the production of historical programs for the media. A master's degree in a public or applied history program or certification upon completion of certain graduate courses is needed prior to employment. The Department of History and Political Science recommends curricula which combine a major in history with a second major or minor and electives, providing an advantageous undergraduate basis for a public history career. Curriculum recommendations are available from the department chair.

MAT: History
This degree prepares students for teaching history and government in secondary schools and is offered through the School of Education. Candidates must have passed basic undergraduate survey courses in World Civilizations and United States History. Graduate courses should be elected to include a variety of period, topical, and geographic-area courses. A minimum of 6 credits elected in these areas must be at the 500 level. At least 2 credits in HIST590 are required. HIST459 is required but does not count toward the minimum 12 credits of history. Candidates select their courses in consultation with the chair of the department or an advisor designated by the chair. See the School of Education section of this bulletin on p.257 for further information regarding teacher certification and the MAT degree program.

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