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Adventist Heritage  HIST 404  Brian Strayer
History of the SDA church.

America as a World Power, 1939-Present  HIST469  Gary Land
American history from WWII to the present.

American Experience I  HIST 204  Kathryn Silva 
American history from Columbus through the Civil War.

American Experience II  HIST 205  Gary Wood
American history from Reconstruction to the present.

American Foreign Relations  PLSC 365  Gary Wood
Study of American diplomacy to the present.

American Government  PLSC 104  Gary Wood
A study of American national political institutions.

American Political Thought  PLSC 458  Gary Wood
American political thought from Revolution to present.

Analyzing Politics  PLSC 120 Marcella Myers
 Introduction to Political Science.

Area Study _________   PLSC460 
Studies various areas of the world.

 Civilizations and Ideas I  HIST 117-001-003  Brian Strayer
Survey of the major world civilizations to 1700.

Civilization and Ideas I  HIST 117-002  Kathryn Silva
Survey of the major world civilizations to 1700.

Civilization and Ideas II  HIST 118-001-003  Brian Strayer
Survey of the major world civilizations from 1700 to the present.

Civilization and Ideas II  HIST 118-002  Kathryn Silvabanks
Survey of the major world civilizations from 1700 to the present.

Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Political Thought PLSC 456

A study of the great political ideas from antiquity to early modern times through a consideration of thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle,Aquinas

Comparative Politics  PLSC 225  Marcella Myers 
Examines different types of governments and how they developed.

Contemporary Political Issues  PLSC 430  Marcella Myers
Teaches how to think critically about news headlines and current reality.

Discovery to Nation 1792-1789  HIST434  Brian Strayer
Focuses on Colonial America.

Emergence of Modern America  HIST 458  Kathryn Silvabanks
American history from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of WWII.

Faith and History  HIST488  John Markovic

A study of the major philosophies of history from a Christian perspective.

Government Affairs  PLSC 350 
A study of administrative leadership theories in the public sector.

Historical Inquiry  HIST 235  Gary Land
Introduction to History as an academic discipline.

History of the Christian Church I  HIST 316  John Markovic
Traces the history of Christianity from Christ to the Reformation.

History of the Christian Church II  HIST 317  John Markovic
Traces the history of Christianity from the Reformation to the present.

Holocaust and Society  HIST450  John Markovic
An inquiry into anti-Semitism and Nazism.

Human Rights, Violations, and Reconciliations  PLSC 420  Marcella Myers
Studies concepts of human rights and their applications in today's world.

Individual, State and Marketplace  PLSC 237  Marcella Myers
How public Policies affect people, nations and economics.

Interfacing of Politics and Religion  PLSC 440  Gary Wood
Analyzes the interaction of politics and religion.

International Relations  PLSC 230 
Studies factors that shape the politics of nations.

Introduction to American Law  PLSC 260  Brent Geraty
Studies the role of American law and the legal system.

Introduction to Philosophy  PHIL224  Gary Wood
Introduction to basic philosophical issues, such as faith/reason and free will.

Multicultural America  HIST468  Gary Land
Historical experience of minority groups in America.

Nationalism and World Wars, 1914-Present  HIST 425  John Markovic
European Society from 1914 to the present.

Political Thought, Culture and Change  PLSC370 
A study of political ideas from ancient to modern times.

Public Policy  PLSC 435  Marcella Myers
An introduction to the theories and methods used by comparativists to study public policies.

Renaissance and Reformation  HIST 414 Brian Strayer
The birth of the modern age through the Renaissance and Reformation.

Research Seminar  HIST 490  Staff
Introduction to historical research. Open to seniors only.

Research Seminar  PLSC 498 Marcella Myers 
Introduction to Political Science research.

Revolutions and Reaction 1789-1917  HIST 420  John Markovic
History of Europe from French Revolution through the Russian Revolution.

Senior Seminar--History  HIST 480  Brian Strayer
Capstone course for seniors with oral examination.

Senior Seminar--Political Science  PLSC 480
Capstone course for seniors with comprehensive assessment.

Special Methods Teaching History and Social Studies  HIST459  Brian Strayer
Practicum prior to student teaching of history/social studies.

Topics:  HIST 437
A study of selected topics in history as announced.

Topics: PLSC 437
A study of selected topics in political science as announced.

Union and Disunion  HIST 435  Gary Land
American history from 1789 through the Civil War.

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