Admission to the MA in Pastoral Ministry is based on the following requirements in addition to the general admission requirements for all graduate students and the general Seminary admission requirements. Applicants must also complete and return the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire as directed.

Ministerial Applicants
  • Hold at least a BA degree from an accredited institution
  • Provide evidence of successful ministerial experience during the past five years
  • Be in their mid-30s

Lay Leader Applicants
  • Hold at least a BA degree from an accredited institution
  • Be at least 35 years of age
  • Demonstrate excellent academic skills
  • Provide evidence of extensive, active, and successful ministry in service areas such as Sabbath school teacher, youth leader, elder, deacon, etc., during the past five years
  • Recommended by their local church pastor and local conference leadership

Program Requirements

The MA in Pastoral Ministry degree is awarded upon completion of a minimum of 48 credits of formal course work.

  1. Course work in North America is offered off campus twice annually in one- and two-week intensives, normally at Adventist educational institutions. Students should expect pre- and post-class assignments as part of the total academic requirements of each course. The intensives generate the equivalent of 6-12 credits.
  2. Course work should be completed within 10 years of beginning the program.
  3. Attendance of at least one session on campus at Andrews University is required.

Students failing to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 are placed on probation. Any student remaining on probation for the equivalent of two years (maximum of 18 credits) must withdraw from the program.

Transfer Credits

Upon approval by the dean, a maximum of 24 graduate credits may be transferred from approved seminaries or universities, including Andrews University. Approved credits under the Credit Through Learning in Professional Experience provision are considered part of the maximum.

A maximum of 8 credits may be transferred from another conferred degree upon approval by the dean.

Application Procedures

Each applicant must submit the following documents and data to the Graduate
Admissions Office:

  • Official application form completely filled out, available at
  • Application fee
  • Complete the required PF16 Personality Profile
  • Official transcript from each college/university attended
  • Three recommendations:
    • A conference administrator/employer who is well acquainted with the applicant's work
    • A colleague in pastoral ministry or church pastor if applicant is a lay leader
    • A local church elder well acquainted with the current work of the applicant
  • A career history
  • A statement of purpose (350 words) for seeking this degree
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