The Division of Integrated Marketing & Communication (IMC) was formed to help consistently and effectively tell the story of Andrews University through a variety of targeted marketing and communication approaches.

This is truly a campus-wide assignment that represents the work not only of the department itself, but effective collaboration with schools, colleges, programs, departments and even individuals to determine and shape the story that needs to be told about Andrews University.

In turn, the story (or stories!) of Andrews University are told not only to our own campus and immediate community, but shared across the nation and around the world. As we consistently tell this story, our goal is to effectively position Andrews University as the flagship university of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, committed to help not only its students and campus, but literally all who encounter and partner with us, to fulfill—in creative and transforming ways—the goals contained in the University’s mission statement, which are to: Seek Knowledge. Affirm Faith. Change the World.

To help tell the story of Andrews University, IMC contains strategic marketing and communication staff and resources in the areas of web and print design, the production of FOCUS magazine, and the Andrews Agenda, an online resource that contains news, announcements and upcoming events. Additionally, the department is the media relations resource for Andrews University, and also helps produce academic department marketing, supports enrollment and advancement communication and marketing efforts, and more.

The IMC team is led by Stephen Payne, vice president for Integrated Marketing & Communication. The entire team, and their specific responsibilities, is outlined in Meet the Team.

You can find the offices for Integrated Marketing & Communication in what was formerly known as the UR (or University Relations) House, a lovely two-story red-brick colonial building, originally built for EMC President, Percy Christian. The house was physically moved when Pioneer Memorial Church was constructed, and has since then served as the Hewitt Research Center offices, Geoscience Research, a Lamson Hall Annex/Honors dorm and the Office of University Relations (1979–2008).