Getting a Project Started

The Office of University Communication is primarily a creative agency formed to work with you at no charge to help develop communications to meet your goals and those of Andrews University. Since every communication is a reflection on the excellence of the entire University, ensuring professionalism and consistency in branding standards is essential. If you have a communication need, take advantage of the services of University Communication professionals by calling 269-471-3322 or completing the project request form linked below.

If you know your goals but are unsure how to reach them, the University Communication staff, along with the Chief Marketing Officer, can work with you from the start—from concept development until the project is complete. If you have a firm vision about your communication, please be open-minded to incorporating additional expertise. While we are likely not experts in your program area, our skills will bring an added value to your project, which complements the knowledge and expertise you also bring.

Ready to Get Started?

Questions to Consider Before Initiating a Project

The crucial things you need to consider and understand to best meet your communication goals are:

  • What type of project is it (ie, print piece, web page, social media, video, combination, art direction, etc)?
  • Give us a quick overview of your project (including whether this is a repeat project).
  • Who is your audience, and what distinguishes them?
  • Is the communication essential and not served by another existing communication?
  • What action do you want your audience to take as a result of receiving the communication?
  • How will you evaluate if the goals of the project were met?
  • How many people are you hoping to reach?
  • When do you want the project completed?
  • What is your budget for the project?

From this base of information, the Chief Marketing Officer and the University Communication team can work with you to devise a plan that will accomplish your goals cost-effectively and professionally.

The Process

After the initial creative meeting and the receipt/development of content and design, you will see a preliminary “comp” showing a suggested design. Your careful proofing is essential. University Communication staff will also proofread the piece, but the ultimate responsibility for its correctness rests with you, the client. With your approval of the final design, your project will be sent to the printer.

The Timeline

The process of writing, editing, designing, proofing and printing is a long, complex journey no matter how many times you’ve made it. Advance planning is crucial to having your communication ready when you need it. You are advised to contact University Communication early with your project requests to allow ample time for gathering data, copywriting, taking/obtaining quality photography, executing design, conducting several rounds of proofing changes, as well as time needed for printing and mailing. A minimum of six weeks (four weeks for creative development plus two weeks for printing) is needed for the simplest of jobs, but as projects that seem simple can become complicated, allowing a longer time frame is recommended. Understand, too, that due to limited staff resources, University Communication may not be able to accept all project requests. Early planning also enables your project to be well prioritized amid those requested by other University units.

In a Rush?

You’ll need to cover the cost of outsourcing services needed to rush your project timeline.

What If I’d Rather Do It Myself?

Few projects are of the nature that you should create them yourself. Most communication projects are required to be produced or coordinated directly by University Communication. The University has hired experienced professionals both to ensure that the University communicates with quality and unity and also to ensure that you are able to focus greater time on your own areas of expertise by using the resources of our specialists. To determine what your project involvement should be and to take advantage of our creative services, contact University Communication early in your planning.

All projects must be submitted for review by University Communication regardless of who creates the communication (see below).

Reviews and Approvals

It is the job of the University Communication brand specialists to make sure the entire University team looks polished and united. To assure that all communications meet University standards, all University publications must be approved by University Communication. If you receive approval to create or hire out the creation of your project, please allow a minimum of two business days for the professional review of your communication. University Communication will return your piece with any necessary modifications to writing, design or photography to meet overall University branding standards. If your design does not meet professional standards, University Communication will create a professional piece within its normal six-week timetable or allow you to pay for a University-approved freelancer if you need to receive your project sooner. Consulting our professionals early in the process helps assure that you meet the goals set for your project while also making sure your project expresses the University brand. In the case of new or redesigned publications, it is strongly advised that University Communication is consulted at the start of your project planning to allow for the possibility that extra time may be needed to meet your deadline if the scope of the project is large.

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