To the Andrews University Community:


The online resources you’ll find in the design standards and elsewhere in the editorial standards and lexicon within the University Communication website represent our University’s efforts to truly and fully integrate the way we talk about and visually represent Andrews University, both to ourselves and those we serve here on campus, and to those we talk with and serve beyond our campus.

In that regard, this system of wordmarks, the brands and sub-brands of Andrews University including typefaces and design templates, as well as the words, descriptions and abbreviations we’ll consistently use in writing and speaking about Andrews, are part of what will characterize our work as a mature, professional university.

I’d like to endorse and ask you to consistently use these resources and the standards they represent as you prepare materials to tell the story of Andrews University.

In most cases, the team at University Communication will help you prepare those materials ranging from the specific brand or sub-brand you will use to identify your department, enterprise or initiative to the electronic, print and media resources you’ll use to tell your story.

Once again, I believe the most powerful way to tell the story of Andrews University—whether it’s visually, verbally or in writing—is to do so in a way that reflects consistency and maturity.

The resources provided here are the toolbox we will need individually and as a campus to accomplish that goal.

Thank you in advance for your participation in and compliance with the consistent use of these standards as we powerfully and consistently tell the story of Andrews University to each other, to those we serve and to the world around us.

Sincerely yours,

John Wesley Taylor V
President, Andrews University