Social Media

The Office of University Communication is responsible for all official Andrews University social media accounts, which are intended to share information with the campus community and all others interested in the life of the University. Social media plays a significant role in our ability to communicate and connect; therefore, at Andrews University, we engage positively and with respect.

Social Media Directory: Social media accounts relating to administration, campus ministries, academics, students groups and more. If you would like to add an account to the directory, please complete the online application form.

Social Media Policy: Policies for appropriate social media interaction and additional information on establishing a social media presence.

Social Media Profile Picture: We recommend using this approach to standardize your identity across platforms.

2021–2022 Social Media Planning Tool (click to download)

Best Practices: If you would like to learn more about effective social media practices, consider the resources compiled by the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.