About Andrews Distance Education

The School of Distance Education extends access to Adventist education beyond campus, community and national boundaries. We support our faculty and students around the world by promoting best practices in distance education and international partnerships, and by creating a virtual community designed to nurture learning.

The School of Distance Education serves Andrews University by providing leadership, faculty and student support, and professional resources in the following areas: educational technology, distance education, compliance and off-campus programs. The School of Distance Education also operates the Consortium of Adventist Colleges and Universities and Griggs International Academy.

See the full statements of Mission & Core Values in the current Andrews University Bulletin.

Griggs International Academy

As a global Seventh-day Adventist educational institution, the mission of Griggs International Academy is to provide educationally sound, values-based, guided independent study and distance education programs that build a foundation for service to God, church and society.

Educational offerings include kindergarten, elementary, secondary and higher education programs through Andrews University's School of Distance Education. These programs and courses, which respond to learner needs in the context of a lifetime learning experience, are available to all who can benefit from them.

See the full statements of faith, mission, and philosophy on the Griggs website.