Griggs Hall Room Reservations

Facility Reservation Steps

  1. Request room reservations using the online request form.  
  2. Email Rosa Warner or call (269) 471-6281, confirming completion of the online form.
  3. Wait for confirmation from Rosa Warner before communicating this venue in any way.

Terms & Conditions

1. A fee of $50 per event is due for each rental approved to non-university groups or university personnel for personal use; rental is free for faculty and staff reserving rooms for university business. Cancellations must be made at least one business day before the event for refund of rental fee.

2. The cost of repair or replacement of items damaged under reasonable use during an event, is covered by the rental fee. Costs to replace or repair items as a result of misuse of equipment or property, as well as any cleaning after an event, will be charged to the payment method provided. 

3. The contact person arranging room rental is also responsible for arranging technology needed. Review what is available and reserve online at Rooms will be unlocked by Campus Safety for the hours reserved.

4. Room rental excludes guest services. Please provide guests with the following information:
     a. Provide your contact information, both during and after hours.
     b. For Griggs Hall A Basement: Work with Custodial (x3440) for set-up and take-down of the 50 chairs and 8 tables. 
     c. Notify the SDEIP Facilities Manager (x6695) of any maintenance issues during office hours; contact Campus Safety (x3321) after hours.

5. A shared kitchen is available with Griggs Hall A Basement reservations.  Please do not use any items stored and clean up after your use.  Wipe counters and tables.  Place trash in bin outside the kitchen. Vacuum messes. The payment method provided will be charged if custodial time is required to clean what your group leaves undone.  

6. Please notify guests that free printing is not available in Griggs Hall. Faculty may provide their codes for urgent printing services, working with the Front Desk team.

7. All activities in this facility must be in keeping with Adventist standards, including honoring the Sabbath hours from sunset Friday to sunset Sabbath.  Failure to accurately list the activities planned with the rental request will negatively impact future requests.

8. Smoking and use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs of any kind is prohibited in the building and on university premises.

9. Existing decorations or furnishings may not be moved without prior approval. Any types of fasters that would mark or damage any part of the building may not be used.  Painter’s tape may be used in moderation.

10. The School of Distance Education is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal items before, during, or after any approved activities in rented rooms.  It is expected that adequate supervision be provided by the renting organization for events including children. 

11. The School of Distance Education reserves the right to refuse any request for use of Griggs Hall facilities which is deems is not in accordance with Adventist standards or interferes with its own use.