Course Delivery Formats

Andrews University online courses are offered in one or more of the following formats.  Use this table to review the pros and cons of each type, before choosing which section works best in your situation now.

Use the Andrews Course Schedule to look up specific course information for the term you wish to register.
Note: Washington Adventist University and Oakwood University Consortium courses are currently offered in self-paced open learning format only.

  Self-Paced Open Learning Online Interactive Online
Section Number 901 999,998,997 for college students
950 for high school sections
Benefits Flexible and convenient. With 180 days to complete, these courses can be done at your convenience. Schedule time to study in between your daily activities, vacations and holidays.  Flexible and convenient, but within a structure. There is a start date and end date. Courses in the summer tend to be 8 weeks in length; fall and spring semester courses tend to be 15 weeks in length. 
Registration Register at any time is open to guest students onlyl, due to federal regulations. Degree students living outside USA may arrange with academic advisors. Registration opens in March and continues up to the first day of class. A late registration fee may apply if you register after the first day of class. See the website for exact deadlines.
Faculty Interaction Faculty support and encouragement. Faculty support and encouragement.
Assessment Deadlines You are in control. Decide what pace works right for you.  Weekly deadlines with no late work accepted
Student Interaction Not applicable.  Lively interactive learning community.
Completion Must be very self-motivated to complete the course.  Deadlines and interaction increase motivation to complete successfully. 
Financial Aid

Not available.

Available; check for eligibility with the institution through which you are completing your degree.