Andrews University uses several tools of Anthology, including Planning, Outcomes, and Rubrics for assessment purposes. Anthology is primarily supported by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

The Center for DLiT supports the connection between Anthology Rubrics and LearningHub.

To set up the rubrics for your program assessment, please work with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

When you are ready to use an Anthology Rubric in your course, follow the directions provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

LearningHub has three ways to use Rubrics for assessment:

  1. LearningHub’s built-in rubric (for assignments and discussions)
  2. The rubric within TurnItIn
  3. The Anthology Rubric integration

The Anthology Rubric can be used in addition to the LearningHub or TurnItIn rubrics without the student having to submit the assignment twice.


Note: If you want to run TurnItIn checking on an assignment, and also use Anthology Rubrics, set up the assignment as normal with TurnItIn but without a grade. Then add the External Tool-Anthology Rubrics and adjust the settings to use the grade from this tool.


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