Griggs University

Diplomas & Transcripts

Diplomas and transcripts for former Griggs University students remain valid in perpetuity, with Andrews University serving as the custodian responsible for these official documents. Former students may contact their off campus site with any questions about records.

Accreditation Status

Griggs University was nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (now the Distance Education Accrediting Commission) from January 1991 to March 2015. Following the completion of the merger with Andrews University, Griggs University was officially retired, with DETC accreditation ended in March 2015.

Griggs Transition

What was first named the Fireside Correspondence School became Home Study Institute, thenHome Study International, and most recently, Griggs University and International Academy. Since its founding in 1909 by Seventh-day Adventist pioneer educator Frederick Griggs, this Christian distance education institution has served over a five hundred thousand students in many countries. Following the 2011 merger with Andrews University, Griggs International Academy increasingly leads Adventst elementary and secondary distanceeducation, operated through the School of Distance Education. Griggs University programs were in teach out through 2015, as Andrews University forged new higher education partnerships.