Withdrawals & Refunds

Life happens and our situations change. There are times when withdrawal is a wise decision. Seek advice as there may be options and implications you had not considered. Talk with trusted family/counselors, your academic and financial advisors (international students dropping below full-time enrollment need to review their options with the international team as well). Listen to their counsel and pray about all options. Degree students, consult the Registration Guide's info on drop/add approvals to know who you should be talking to first.

If withdrawal is the best next step, please note that withdrawal and refund policy differs for self-paced and term-based online courses. Please consult the right calendar for the policy that applies to your specific classes and read your Andrews emails for reminders regarding these deadlines for each online class.

Term-based Interactive Online Classes

Consult the academic calendar to determine deadlines for tuition and distance fee refunds, when drop/add fees are in effect, and what grades are assigned when you decide to withdraw. Sections usually have a number 950-999.

Self-paced Open Learning Online Classes

Use this table, counting the number of days from your start date, to determine what refund and grade would apply for sections usually numbered 901.

Calendar Days  Tuition Distance Fee Drop/Add Fee Transcript Grade
1-15 Full refund Full refund No charge No grade assigned
16-27 70% refund No refund Charged "W" grade assigned
28-38 40% refund No refund Charged "W" grade assigned
39-150 No refund No refund Charged "W" grade assigned
151+ No refund No refund Cannot drop "A-F" grade assigned

Withdrawal Procedure

BEFORE the last day to drop/add/change registration with full refund, use Registration Central to drop this class online. (It is possible to add a class before this deadline in the same way.)

AFTER the last day to drop with full refund through the last day to withdraw for this class:

If a refund is available, a credit will be applied to your account. You may email sfs@andrews.edu to request this returned to you in the manner you paid.

Degree students, the date you request to withdraw will be honored when it takes extra days to get all required approval signatures. Watch for an email confirming the withdrawal has been entered or check your academic record (nothing will show if withdrawn before the drop/add date, a W grade thereafter). The small withdrawal fee will be posted to your account, with payment due in the next payment period.

NOTE: While adding an online class after the last day to drop or add is strongly discouraged, the withdrawal procedure outlined here can be followed to appeal adding an online class, with financial, academic and international (if applicable) advisor signatures first.