Withdrawals & Refunds

Withdrawal and refund policy differs slightly for open learning and term-based courses.

Interactive online and self-paced full term courses: consult the academic calendar to determine deadlines for tuition and distance fee refunds, when drop/add fees are in effect, and what grades are assigned when you decide to withdraw.

Self-paced open learning courses: withdrawal policy is calculated on the number of days from your start date.  

Calendar Days  Tuition Distance Fee Drop/Add Fee Transcript Grade
1-15 Full refund Full refund No charge No grade assigned
16-27 70% refund No refund Charged "W" grade assigned
28-38 40% refund No refund Charged "W" grade assigned
39-150 No refund No refund Charged "W" grade assigned
151+ No refund No refund Cannot drop "A-F" grade assigned

Withdrawal Procedure

The reason for withdrawal determines which signatures are needed and whether the drop/add process can be completed online or not. Email sderegister@andrews.edu or your academic advisor should you decide to withdraw. Include your full name, AU ID, course abbreviation, number and title, and the reason you wish to withdraw.  If a refund is available, a credit will be applied to your account.