CRNs & Syllabi

A new CRN is assigned to each course by semester. You will need to enter this unique CRN whenever you register for a course.  This can be done through Registration Central or directly through the Andrews course schedule.
As the CRN changes with semesters, be sure to select the semester in which you will be registering. While self-paced courses are open year-round, the CRN number does change with the Andrews academic calendar:

  • Self-paced courses: check the current self-paced calendar for semester start and end dates
  • Interactive online courses: check the current semester calendar start and end dates
TIP: It is helpful to filter the schedule by setting campus to ‘field-based’ and selecting the department or attribute (self-paced or internet, depending on the type of online course selected).  The CRN number is shown to the right of the course abbreviation as the number in brackets. For example, the CRN number for RELB 101 901 (1970) is 1970. Write the CRN numbers needed down to enter in Registration Central.


Course syllabi can be found online in three places:

  1. In the course schedule: navigate to a course to learn about the times offered, instructor, location and seats (less relevant for online). The syllabus should be linked in the far right column of each course information row.  If syllabi are not found within two weeks of the semester start date, email the instructor, using the email in the course schedule.
  2. On your ivue page:  click on the green arrow document link to the right of the class title in the table at the foot of your ivue page for the selected semester.  This is an easy place to find it once registered and ready to purchase textbooks.
  3. In your course space:  syllabi are always included in the first module.

A minimum grade point average (GPA) may be required for admission to a graduate program, or to continue in a professional program.  The University of Southern Maine shares a GPA calculator online, where you can enter the GPA hours for courses this semester and your expected grades, to view the projected GPA. This link includes tips on how to achieve your goal GPA.