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From the University Wellness Director

Dear Andrews University family,

I want to extend my warmest greetings to each of you and welcome you to the spring 2021 semester! Regardless of where you are when you read this message, please know that you are all in our prayers—prayers for strength, wisdom, compassion, resilience and hope.

It is my pleasure to share that Campus & Student Life entities have joined together for your benefit during this world-changing crisis. We have developed a synergistic initiative that provides you with many opportunities to care for your wellbeing during this trying time.

Together, we present to you Wellbeing 2021. Our aim is to provide you with a continuous menu of opportunities to take actions that will improve your personal wellbeing, in whichever dimensions you may have needs.

To your very best in this new year!

Wellbeing 2021 Options

Choosing physical wellbeing not only increases our strength and vitality but improves our mental and spiritual health as well. It also helps us to build our defenses against disease.

Choosing emotional wellbeing allows us to be patient with ourselves and empathetic with others, particularly during stressful times. Calming and caring for our selves makes us more resilient.

Making a choice for social wellbeing is about connecting and including, even at a distance. Whether online  or in our own homes, we can support, encourage and entertain one another.

Choosing to provide for others is what communities do best. Whether you are in need or in a postion to pay it forward, we all grow and flourish when we take care of one another.   

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Andreasen Center for Wellness

Join Rachel Keele, interim manager of the Andreasen Center for Wellness, for a tour of the University's state-of-the-art health and fitness facility.

Rachel will walk you through all of the services offered, plus share the precautions Wellness Center staff are taking to keep you safe and well during the pandemic.

If you're not yet signed up as a member, you'll learn how to do that. Because we take students' well-being seriously, all students can become members for free.

No charge, no excuses. Get started on your 2021 journey to well-being today!






Join Dr. Dominique Gummelt, Director of University Wellness, for this energetic podcast!

A weekly cast of guests from all over the world will inspire you to live into the fact that you were “Made to Thrive.” 

Click here to view the latest episode, and find the motivation you need to take your wellbeing to the next level.

Undergraduates can receive co-curricular credit when they view an episode within a week after it airs (see posting on the Andrews University YouTube channel for details).

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