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Ways to Help

9 Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Pandemic
We understand that for most (if not all) of us, the novel coronavirus feels uncertain and scary. But in spite of those feelings, many of us have still been moved to ask, “How can I help?”
6 Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Outbreak
Some groups will feel this public health crisis more than others, including older people, workers who can’t call in sick, and those who can’t pay for quality health care or don’t have access to it.

Support Groups

Berrien Springs Pandemic Support
We are creating this group to be able to respond to emerging needs of our community during this challenging time. It's simple, if you need help, ask. If you can help, respond out of the goodness of your heart. The goal is to be able to connect those in need with people and resources that are needed.
A family of choice supporting, encouraging, challenging and lifting each other up to live our lives to the fullest potential. To live fully alive—together—no matter what the journey brings... currently (March 2020): Corona Virus.

Volunteer Opportunities

Pioneer Memorial Church Volunteer Form
Support faculty, staff, students, and PMC church members who are in need. Volunteers are needed to do things such as 1) call and check in church members and students who are feeling isolated, 2) assist with technology (FaceTime, Zoom, live-streaming, etc.), 3) do grocery shopping and delivery (we have a protocol for safety measures), 4) be prayer chain callers.
Peer-to-Peer Student Support
Sign up to check-in with another Andrews University student.


Grocery Delivery/Pickup Services

Apple Valley Market (Berrien Springs Area)
Delivery services available on purchases of $100 or more plus $15.95 delivery fee.
Order takes 24 hours to fulfill. Email to place an order.

Aid & Assistance

Cora Lamping Center for Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Abuse
We are still here to offer services to survivors of domestic & sexual violence. If you or someone you know needs our services, please reach out.
Sexual assault hotline: 1-855-779-6495.
Domestic violence hotline: 269-925-9500