Program Handbook

The program handbook contains information that will guide you in each stage of your Doctor of Ministry program. We provide the handbook in electronic format to allow for efficient revisions and to assure it is current. Click on any item listed below for the information you need.

Remember that detailed course module requirements are listed with your particular concentration on the web site.

About the Program
  1. About Program Structure
  2. Accreditation
  3. Admission
    Application Deadlines (in Frequent Questions)
    Documentation for Students on Visa
    English Proficiency
    MDiv Degree Equivalency
    Requirements and Procedures
  4. Competencies
  5. Costs
    Financial Plans
    Conference Sponsorship
    Financial Aid
    Information for International Students/Visa Requirements
  6. Frequent Questions
  7. Graduation Information
  8. Locations & Lodging
    Site Coordinator Guidelines
  9. Ordering Books
  10. Prerequisites
  11. Program Planner
  12. Registration for Courses
  13. Strategic Plan
  14. Theological Reflection
  15. Time Limit and Extensions
  1. Alumni Projects
  2. Ongoing Benefits
  1. Assessment Guide
  2. Assessment Theory
  3. Assessment and Surveys
  4. Closing the Loop
  5. Contact
  1. What is a Cohort?
  2. Cohort Coordinator
  3. In-residence Cohorts
  4. Protocol for Forming New Cohorts
  1. Chaplaincy
  2. Discipleship and Biblical Spirituality
  3. Evangelism and Church Growth
  4. Family Ministry
  5. Global Mission Leadership
  6. Leadership
  7. Missional Church: A Biblical Response to Mission in Western Culture
  8. Organizational Leadership
  9. Pastoral Ministry (Spanish)
  10. Preaching
  11. Urban Ministry 
  12. Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  1. Course Locations
  2. Ordering Books
  3. Program Planner
  4. Registration for Courses
  5. Sample Assignments
Faculty-Staff Resources
  1. Guidelines for Faculty
  2. Policy Manual
  3. Procedures Manual for Office Staff
  4. Template for Syllabus Year 1 Module
  5. Template for Syllabus Year 2 Module
  6. Template for Syllabus Year 3 Module
  7. Template for Syllabus Year 4 Module
Learning Modalities
The Project
  1. Project Guidelines for Participants
  2. Advisors' Handbook (for all advisors)
  3. Available Advisors
  4. Completion Deadlines
  5. Digitized Projects 
  6. Previous Projects
  7. Project Assessment Event
  8. Project Assessment Guidelines
  9. Project Examples
  10. Project Map
  11. Project Proposal
  12. Research Defined
  13. Writing Resources


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