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Knowing how you are going to pay for college is just as important as knowing which college you're going to attend. The good news is that you're not alone. We are here to help.


Andrews Partnership Scholarship (APS) & Additional APS

Click here to go to our interactive APS page where you can learn more about the Andrews Partnership Scholarship and plug in your GPA and/or test scores to see how much APS you could qualify for. 

National Merit Finalist and National Achievement Finalist Scholarship

Andrews University rewards National Merit Finalists and National Achievement Finalists a special Andrews Partnership Scholarship that covers 100% tuition for four years for incoming freshmen. To confirm receipt of the scholarship, submit appropriate records to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

All gift aid received by the awardees, including a university scholarship or grant, cannot exceed the cost of full tuition for up to 16 credits per semester, plus book charges of up to $525 per semester, plus General Fees. When total gift aid is more than the costs mentioned above, the university scholarship or grant is reduced until gift aid equals the costs. All gift aid is added in the following order: external scholarships, merit aid, and then need-based aid. Should the external scholarships and merit-aid portions exceed the tuition, books and fees limit, boarding students may include the minimum costs of room and board in the calculation.

Four in Four Scholarship

A $1000/year scholarship is offered to new freshmen beginning fall semester 2014. It will be renewable each year for each student who successfully completes a minimum of 30 Andrews University credits during the previous school year, including the summer term. This scholarship is one of the ways we encourage and reward students for working hard to complete their studies in four years. See university bulletin for more details.

Be The Salt Scholarship

This award will be offered to students who have filled key high school leadership positions. This award consists of up to 12 credits of free online summer courses called “Seize the Summer” courses offered through the Andrews University School of Distance Education. These general education courses may be taken during the summer following a student’s freshman year at Andrews University and subsequent summers prior to their senior year. This award is a part of the Andrews University emphasis for students to focus on finishing college in a timely way to keep their college costs as low as possible.

Students in the J. N. Andrews Honors program will receive $1,200 spread over the three years following their freshman year at Andrews University. This amount is in lieu of 12 credits of Seize the Summer courses (which are not Honors general education courses).

Award details, requirements and a list of eligible leadership positions can be found on the application form and in the university bulletin

To apply for this award, please download, complete and submit the application form to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Mail to:

Undergraduate Admissions
Andrews University
4150 Administration Dr.
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0740

Summer Camp Scholarship

Summer camp scholarship will be based on $175 per week for a maximum of 13 weeks or $2,275. Student Financial Services will determine the amount of the scholarship based on the information received from camp directors in time for financial clearance.

Magabooks and HHES

Magabooks and HHES are matched 50% of the net earnings. The entire net earnings must be placed onto the student's account at Andrews University before the scholarship is given. The scholarship cap is $2,500.

Student Missionary/Taskforce Volunteer Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student who has served as a Student Missionary or Taskforce Volunteer and enrolls full time at Andrews University the year following the year of service. The $1,500 scholarship is a one-year award divided over two semesters. It is not transferable to any other school or any other student. Approval for this scholarship is given by the Director of the Student Missionary/Taskforce Volunteer Program in the Campus Ministries Office. This scholarship is not part of the Andrews Partnership Scholarship.

Andrews University Field Evangelism Summer Scholarship

Andrews University Field Evangelism Summer Scholarship and church outreach program is matched 100% of the net earnings based on information given to Student Financial Services from the Andrews University Religion Department, church, or conference. The scholarship cap is $1500. All summer scholarships are awarded to full-time undergraduates and graduates attending the Berrien Springs campus. The scholarship closing date for consideration is October 31 of the current academic year.

If a student attends Adventist Colleges Abroad, Student Missionary or Task Force that Fall their scholarship will be held until the following year and funds disbursed the next Fall semester. If they also work in a summer ministries program that year the scholarship would be given that Fall.

Music Performance Scholarships

Performance Scholarships vary up to $1500 for members of the Department of Music Choirs, Orchestra, and Wind Symphony. To be eligible for a performance scholarship, students must complete an application process, audition and match the needs of the ensemble(s). Recipients do not have to be a music major to receive this scholarship. This scholarship is not part of the Andrews Partnership Scholarship. Click on the link below to access and download scholarship application and recommendation forms from the Music department's webpage.

For Scholarship & Application forms click here.

Named Scholarships

Endowments and other restricted scholarship funds from alumni and friends of the university provide specially named scholarships as part of the Andrews Partnership Scholarship. Selected students are awarded, by their school, a named scholarship based on academic performance, declared major and career goals. The named, endowed scholarship becomes part of the Andrews Partnership Scholarship.