Career Seminars

exploring career opportunities

An important component of a complete education is helping students to develop a clear vision of service to humanity through their chosen profession. Andrews Academy is committed to providing opportunities for career exploration. The strongest motivation for career development is for students to see professionals who have graduated from their school return and talk about their journey.

Julia O-Carey, ('91) Missions
Lillian Edquid, ('76) IT/Communications
Mark Lee, ('76) Cardio Vascular Xray Tech
Dr. Greg Christensen, ('81) Vitreo-retinal specialist/surgeon (Ophthalmology)
Professor Brian Manley, ('93) Art & Design
Pastor Jim Moon, ('91) Pastor
Nancy Schilling, ('76) Dentist
Phillip Brantley, ('83) Lawyer
Martin Smith, ('78) Architecture
Dr Benjamin Schoun, ('66) General VP, General Conference of SDA