Reunion 2007


1938, 1943, 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998 & 2003

Golden Anniversary: 1958
Silver Anniversary: 1983


SHYDEPOKE OUTCOME: Women 36-0 (Accuwomen won). Men 20-21 (Accumen won).

The alumni committee chose to acknowledge the following individuals from several of the honored classes:

Patricia Kuhlman's remarkable career as a mother and homemaker is reflected in the lives of her children and it is their successes that give her the most satisfaction. In a family of seven children it is anticipated that one or two might be high achievers, but all seven? And mostly they have been educated in Adventist schools. In the group there are now four medical doctors, two with MBAs, and one PhD! But the children’s education was also nurtured at home. A few statistics illustrate the fact: 77 years of piano lessons, 66 years of violin lessons, 38.5 years in summer softball, and 35 years in Pathfinders.

If there was one word to describe the Kuhlman household it would be "hectic." Over the years it has been dubbed Grand Central Station. Piano practice began at 6 a.m., went until time for school, and resumed again in the evening. All the while three other children practiced violin in separate rooms. The constant operation of the washer and dryer provided an accompaniment for it all.

Even with the flurry of activity Pat always made time for the family to have dinner together. With nine people at the table, just the process of passing the food became a challenge. Just as interesting as getting food on their plates was the nature of the dinner conversation.

Father Henry often presented the children with word problems and science questions. "When the children were young we served square roots at the dinner table with algebraic word problems, and other math tidbits," Pat says with a laugh. The accomplishments of the Kuhlman children are too numerous to list, but in their eyes they’re just an ordinary family that has been blessed because of their numbers.

"I know lots and lots of friends with very nice and extremely extraordinary children," Pat says humbly, “But the only reason our family is noticed is that our census is different." Most important to Pat is the fact that her children still call her "Mommy." (The content of this statement is largely drawn from the Fall 2003 issue of the SAU Southern Columns.)
Valerie Ang VALERIE (STANDAN) ANG, '78
From editor of the 1978 Silhouette to aerospace engineer has been a fascinating journey for Valerie Ang. She is presently senior scientist at The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, Calif. In her present position she provides independent technical advice on battery design and performance to the United States government and numerous commercial space satellites and launch vehicle programs. Her responsibilities include all aspects of the space acquisition process from proposal to spacecraft design, manufacturing, launch, and on-orbit support.

Valerie has specialized in a variety of battery chemistries including lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen, lithium thionyl chloride and lithium ion. The key programs she has supported are: Peacekeeper and Minuteman Ballistic Missiles; Multiple Military Communication Satellite; Global Positioning Satellite (GPS); and the Missile Defense Satellite System. Ang holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Andrews University and has worked for 25 years in the aerospace industry. Valerie and her husband, Hans, have two children—Stephanie, a high school freshman and Hans, a university freshman.
Don Starlin DON STARLIN, '83
Following graduation from Andrews Academy, Don earned FAA Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic licenses at Andrews University. He then spent the 1985-86 school year rebuilding a Cessna 180 for the East Peru Mission at the Seventh-day Adventist Airbase in the Amazon jungle. Returning from Peru he completed commercial pilot training and graduated from Andrews University in 1989 with a BSIT in Aviation and Business. Dwindling mission aviation opportunities sent Don back to Randall Electric Company, where he resumed his role as a fourth generation electrical contractor. He married Trudi Myaing in 1990, a mission-minded architect on staff with a Maryland architecture firm.

In 1995, an ever-increasing cry from isolated frontier missionaries in desperate need of air support precipitated a meeting of General Conference officers, various mission-focused ministries, aviators and businessmen on the campus of Andrews. Adventist World Aviation (AWA), an independent supporting ministry was founded, and they called upon Don to lead the fledgling organization. Don carries responsibility for the electrical business and the five nonprofit corporations he spearheaded whose personnel operate ten aircraft at seven sites in four countries, relieving physical suffering, saving lives, offering hope and proclaiming the gospel where people have never heard of the Carpenter from Nazareth.
Krystian Zygowiec KRYSTIAN ZYGOWIEC, '98
Krystian Zygowiec has the reputation of an intrepid adventurer because of ventures such as kayaking across Lake Michigan from Chicago to New Buffalo and skydiving into a pool party to propose to his fiancé. This spirit is a natural lead into his career as a helicopter pilot. After completing a Bachelor of Technology in Aviation at Andrews University, Krystian attended Helicopter Adventures, Inc. in Florida to obtain his helicopter rating.

After completing that program he was invited to join the school staff as an instructor. Subsequently, he was employed by a firm that supported the oil industry by flying personnel and supplies to off-shore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. This gave him the experience and flying hours to qualify for his dream position as an emergency medical service pilot.

While a student at Andrews Academy, Krystian participated in the Silhouettes, outdoor education trips and intramurals. His special interests include flying, skydiving, scuba diving, and other activities that involve the outdoors and adventure. In 2003 he married Julie Dalson, an academy classmate.