Wellness Statement

Wellness Program for Andrews University Lab Schools

Andrews University operates two separate programs in two different buildings for its K-12 educational program. The overarching philosophy is focused on educating “Mens, Spiritus, Corpus”, Mind, Spirit and Body. This philosophy is the basis for the integration of holistic health into many aspects and elements of both the elementary school and the high school programs.


Emphasis on wellness at the high school level includes the following:

  • All students are required to take 5 separate semesters of PE classes
  • All students are required to take a Holistic Health class which includes a strong physical activity component making this the 6th semester of PE
  • Outdoor education classes such as a week-long backpacking or mountain biking trip
  • Various other classes include either units or sections relating to total wellness
    • Physics class does a lab on energy per calorie as related to the human body
    • Spanish classes have a unit on staying fit which includes workout sessions and aerobics done in Spanish as well as a Fiesta day focusing on healthy versions of Spanish food o English classes do Advertising Analysis (many are health related ads) papers and critiquing of movies
    • Learning Strategies classes emphasize healthy snacking and drinking of water
    • Religion classes encourage several areas of holistic health including
      • The need for rest as found in a Sabbath day’s rest ! The need for regular sleep
      • Abstaining from drugs and alcohol
  • Whole school focus on holistic wellness includes
    • Well-equipped Fitness Center available to all students
    • Student Association functions include developing healthy largely plant-based menus
    • No candy or drink machines in the building
    • No candy sales allowed as fund raisers
    • Every year one week of Morning Devotions is given over to a Health Emphasis focus
    • Mental Health assemblies including Media on the Brain
    • Several outdoor activity days including
      • Track and Field Day
      • Community service day
      • Campouts where State Park facilities are utilized
      • Bible campouts in a natural setting often with a focus on building good healthy relationships
    • A vegetarian lunch provided by Andrews University Food Service with a MyPlate visual of the menu for each lunch


Emphasis on wellness at Ruth Murdoch Elementary School includes the following:

• Health topics are included in Bible and health classes that are appropriate for each age level.
• Junior high mini-courses include required health class for both 7th and 8th grade students that
are currently being taught by a registered nurse.
• Science units at various levels emphasize healthy eating choices, tracking food intake, etc.
• At kindergarten level a 6 week unit is included on body and health that includes the exercise,
eating, drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest/sleep, hand washing, and trusting in divine
• This year we had a School-wide Let’s Move Week. Each day was started with some type of
exercise and a worship thought.
• P.E. includes stretching, exercise, aerobic activities, group and individual sports
• Students participate in Presidential Fitness Program
• No drink, candy, or snack dispensers
• Daily outdoor recess (weather permitting) for all grade levels
• School has sponsored Girls on the Run program.
• No fundraisers that sell candy or snacks
• A lunch program provided by Andrews University dining services that emphasizes a healthy
vegetarian menu.