Clubs and Organizations

get involved

Gain experience in leadership—try your hand at becoming an officer in the Student Association. Challenge yourself—be a part of the National Honors Society. Record history—get involved in the student newspaper, the Sanjo, or the end-of-the-year multimedia presentation: Kaleidoscope. Whatever you choose, there are many different ways to broaden your academy experience.


From violins and string bass to xylophones and handbells, Andrews Academy offers students a wide variety of instrumental opportunities. Each group performs at a number of events, including annual spring concerts, at local churches, and the Feast of Lights. Our musical ensembles have earned a good reputation, both in the community and abroad through touring. Recent tour destinations have included Chicago, Indianapolis and even Washington, D.C., where the band played on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital building.

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Over half of the students at Andrews Academy are involved in one or more of the school’s choral groups. In addition to numerous performance opportunities, every other year choir members are invited to participate in the Lake Union Conference Choir Workshop. The singing ensembles are a great way to get involved in one of Andrews Academy’s favorite artistic experiences.

See our concerts!

It turns out that learning is not only intellectual, but physical as well. Build on your group skills and find out the benefits of stretching your body as well as your mind. Become a member of the Fitness Club or join the Andrews Academy men and women who are involved in an active intramural athletic program. Sports included are flagball, volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, floor‑hockey and more.

Perhaps you’re the next Laurence Olivier or Katherine Hepburn, in which case you’ll want to test out your acting chops in the annual Andrews Academy School Play. Plays and musicals that have been produced at Andrews Academy include To Kill a Mockingbird, Our Town, and more recently Cheaper by the Dozen, and Hello, Dolly! to name a few. From auditions through dress rehearsals and opening night, this is a rewarding experience for the students who participate.