Trips and Tours

experience the world

It’s not all book learning! Andrews Academy is pleased to offer a variety of tours to enrich students' educational experiences outside of the classroom. Please note that many of these trips and tours require registration in a particular class for which the student receives a grade and credit.

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It’s one thing to study the Gettysburg address in a class, but it’s another thing when you’ve stood on the battlefield at Gettysburg and seen it for yourself. Each spring, David Sherman (history), and Rebecca Wright (English), lead educational tours to historical and literary sites in the United States, Canada, and most recently, England and France. The tour is taken in conjunction with a class in which students spend classroom time leading up to the trip learning about the places they will visit. Students have traveled to locations ranging from Jamestown to Savannah, Mount Vernon and Washington, D.C.
Ed Tour

Have you ever eaten authentic wienerschnitzel or tapas? Have you visited the birthplace of Mozart, or seen a live flamenco performance? These are just some of the cultural experiences of Europe that students are exposed to on the Modern Languages Tour, led by Thomas Baker (German), and Keila Sanchez (Spanish). Students improve their German and Spanish language abilities through immersion in the foreign culture, while visiting incredible sites like St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, and temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
Language Tours

Students who are interested in short-term mission experience should sign up for the bi-annual SOW Safari: S for Service, O for Outreach, W for Witness, and "Safari" for the adventurous nature of the trip. Students work on building projects such as churches, orphanages and schools, in addition to organizing evangelistic meetings and Vacation Bible Schools. Since it started in 1987, the SOW Safari has gone to Peru, Mexico, Honduras and Chile, just to name a few locations. It’s a great way to get out and see different parts of the world, while making a meaningful contribution.
SOW Safari

For students who enjoy being outside, the physical education department offers an annual Outdoor Education Tour. The tour is one-week long at the beginning of May, and is offered for P.E. credit. The tours alternate between a Mountain Biking tour and Backpacking tour. On the Backpacking Tour, students spend an entire week in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. The trip consists of two day-hikes, and four days in the backcountry. The Mountain Biking tour is set in the Cumberland Plateau of northern Tennessee. Students set up a base camp from which they go on several rides per day. Trails range from beginner to advanced. Either tour is sure to be an unforgettable experience, not to mention a great way to take care of P.E. requirements.
Outdoor Tours

Performance is an integral part of the music program at Andrews Academy. Local church performances as well as trips throughout the Midwest give the students the opportunity to display their skills and are required for participation in the organizations.

There are a variety of tours sponsored by the university that will accept participation of academy students with payment of the required fees. A university Permission to Take Class form (PTC) must be submitted. These tours do not generally provide credit on the student's academy transcript, but are often mission-oriented or recreational in nature. Let us know if you are interested.