Consortium of Adventist Higher Education

About CAREonline

The Consortium of Adventist Higher Education (CAREonline) was initiated by the Adventist Association of Colleges and Universities as a partial response to the Future of Adventist Higher Education Summit which highlighted the need for collaboration in support of the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church. The consortium’s first initiative is working with Acadeum using a model of course sharing that will benefit all parties involved: the student, the Teaching Institution, the student's Home Institution, and all who value the principles and philosophy of Adventist higher education. 

How it Works for Students

Students can now enjoy more online courses through CAREonline via the Acadeum platform. Fill a gap to graduate sooner. Take graduate program prerequisites in residence. Fulfill continuing education requirements faster, or simply enrich your life and ministry anytime, anywhere.  Here's how it works:

  • Discuss more course options with your Home Institution academic advisor when the course you need is not availabe in the term you need or on the campus you are attending.  Advisors can contact your Registrar for procedural details.
  • Follow your advisor's directions to get registered into your Home Institution's course served by the Teaching Institution. Financial aid should be available for this in-residence class.
  • Read emails from the Teaching Institution, to set up access to their learning management system, complete any orientation, and purchase any study materials before class starts.
  • Note the start and end dates for the Consortium course, as they will likely differ from your Home Institution dates. You are responsible for meeting Teaching Institution deadlines.
  • Communicate with the course instructor to: 1) clarify any learning activities, 2) ask for tutoring or tech help, and 3) to note any unforeseen changes that impede your programs.
  • If you feel withdrawal is necessary, review the withdrawal policy which should be included in the syllabus and/or the course sapce. Refunds are available for the first few days only, and vary by institution offering the course. Discuss with your home institution's financial and academic advisors.  With their approval, complete the withdrawal process at your home institution.