Ministry Leadership Training

Andrews University provides training to advance the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church through Hispanic ministries in North America with education at five levels:

1. SAL Lay Training

  • Lay member leadership training sponsored by conferences
  • SAL leadership workshops by Andrews Seminary
  • Other recognized programs: FIEL, University of Montemorelos

2. Academic Ministry Certificates

3. Associate of Arts in Christian Discipleship

  • Complete 62 undergraduate credits, including:
  • 18 credits earned in certificate
  • Credit awarded for learning through ministry experience
  • Transfer credits from accredited universities or colleges
  • May apply to MAPM with experience, if 35 or older
  • Qualification for Bible worker or ministry leader
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4. Bachelor of Arts in Religion

  • Complete 120 undergraduate credits, including:
  • 62 Certificate and AA Discipleship credits (as applicable)
  • Transfer and prior learning credits (as applicable)
  • Qualification for entry level pastoral positions
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5. Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

  • Complete 48 graduate credits
  • Includes online and regional intensive classes
  • Qualification for experienced pastoral leadership
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