Technologist in Microbiology Certificate

NEW FALL 2022!  Complete a structured microbiology curriculum within the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program to be eligible for the Technologist in Microbiology (M) Categorical Certification through the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP).  Gain job skills in an accessible, affordable, Christian higher education experience.


Program Type: Certificate
Program Length: 17-20 credits
Course Format: Interactive online
Program Entry: August and January
Application Deadline: Admission year-round
Why at Andrews? Flexible. Faith-based. Online  



  • MLSC 230 - Fundamentals of Clinical Microbiology
  • MLSC 320 - Fundamentals of Immunology 
  • MLSC 421 - Clinical Immunology, Virology and Molecular Diagnostics
  • MLSC 431 - Clinical Bacteriology 
  • MLSC 432 - Specialized Clinical Microbiology
  • MLSC 433 - Clinical Microbiology Practicum
  • MLSC 470 - Laboratory Operations & Best Practices


  • Achieve MLS didactive competency by passing ASCP's Technologist in Microbiology Examination
  • Apply MLS entry-level psychomotor, clinical, and professional skills  for service to humanity
  • Exhibit proficiency in data evaluation, administrative skills and safety in lab practice
  • Practice ethics and professionalism reflecting the Andrews University mission 







  • Bachelor degree from a regionally accredited college/university with a major in biological science or chemistry OR  30 semester hours  in biology and chemistry
  • Successfully complete a structured program in microbiology through a NAACLS-accredited Medical Laboratory Scientist Program within the last five years



  • Internationally recognized Adventist faculty
  • Complete program without leaving work or home
  • Network with peers from diverse communities
  • Dedicated online educators will help you finish at your chosen pace
  • Retool for greater intercultural service,  anytime, anywhere