COILL Fellows

International Course Collaboration Opportunity

Andrews University seeks to expand its global diversity and engagement by implementing online collaboration with international partners and sister institutions. The COILL Fellows program is designed to support AU faculty in developing and implementing Collaborative Online International and Local Learning courses. This initiative is overseen by the Department of Digital Learning and Instructional Technology, with assistance from the Off Campus Programs Office.

COIL is an approach to fostering global competence through the development of a multicultural learning environment that links university classes in different countries. Using various online technologies to communicate, students from different countries complete shared assignments and projects, with faculty from each partner institution co-teaching and managing coursework. At Andrews University, COILL also includes collaborations with our sister institutions in North America. 

This type of learning is also called virtual exchange, telecollaboration, and globally networked learning.

COILL projects extend beyond team-teaching or teaching a class via technology to another institution. COILL projects must include projects that require students to work together across the participating classrooms.

Andrews University faculty are invited to submit a proposal for support in implementing COILL into a new or existing course. Submissions may come from individuals or teams; with $250 available for each project selected. Up to four projects will be awarded each year.

COILL Fellows are required to participate in a Community of Practice to provide support and assistance through the implementation of the project.

COILL Fellows

  • Fall 2017: Brian Wong, Andrews Department of Biology: Economics and environment impact of the Kyoto Protocol and Paris agreement; BIOL110 Environmental Science
    • Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University of Japan
    • School of Economics, De la Salle University DLSU-SOE of the Philippines

COILL Fellows Application 

$250 is available for each project, which can be used to cover expenses for the project; or to cover expenses or professional development for the faculty member; or similar to FAR activity funds, which can be withdrawn for cash with tax withheld.

Proposals should be submitted to Janine Lim, Proposals should be succinct and should include:

  • Name(s), title, department, school, email & best phone to reach you during the project
  • Working course/project title with description of proposed course topic, timeline, and learning outcomes.
  • Description of desired (or already arranged) partner: country (or U.S. sister institution), university type, area of focus. Please include a brief history of any contact or discussions with potential partner(s). It’s acceptable if you do not yet have a partner. We can assist you in finding a partner.
  • Statement addressing: (a) why you are interested in and committed to this project and developing global competence in your students, (b) how this project fits your teaching and professional goals, (c) impact on student learning and engagement, (d) anticipated challenges in project development and implementation, and (e) sustainability and long-term impact of the international collaboration (750 words maximum).
  • Listing of your schedule for Fall & Spring semesters (courses, committees, reserved research time, etc.) to assist us with scheduling Community of Practice meetings.
  • Proposed use for $250 funds (Funds can be used for faculty planning time, supplies, equipment, professional development, or withdrawn (minus taxes) at the completion of the project similar to FAR activity funds.)

Note that assistance completing the application will be provided within the Course Tune Up workshops.

Application Word File


Janine Lim
Associate Dean, Online Higher Education