International Student Studying Online

This page links to policy and procedural information for students living outside of the United States while taking Andrews University online courses. International students who will be living in the USA kindly contact the Office of the International Students Services and Programs with regards to the requirements needed to study online.

Tip: Clear communication almostinternational always makes rapid responses possible.  So, whenever communicating, clearly include your full name, student number, as well as the course abbreviation, code, and title if you are asking about a specific class. Answers to many questions will differ for international students coming to campus, so make it clear that you are living outside the USA while taking classes online.

Undergraduate Admissions Information

Graduate Admissions Information - includes information on transcript evaluation options.

Transcript Expectations
Request official transcripts be sent directly from universities previously attended to:

  • MAIL (for traditional paper transcripts): Andrews University Undergraduate Admissions, 4150 Administration Drive, Berrien Springs, MI 49104
  • EMAIL (if digital transcripts require):

Transcripts submitted by international students will be reviewed by the Credential Evaluation Office, following Andrews University's country-by-country guidelines. When the Credential Evaluation Office is unable to determine the academic level or articulation of transfer credits, applicants will be advised to submit their transcripts to an external validation service.  

See country-by-country admission requirements:

Special consideration is also given to undocumented and DACA applicants in the United States (who, while not eligible for federal aid, may be eligible for Andrews and private scholarships)

Do international students living in the US need a visa to study online?

  1. International students living in the US must have an F1 visa with a valid I-20 document issued by the Office of International Students Services at the university to which they have been admitted to any residential (NOT online) program of study.  In order to obtain this I-20, students must also fulfill all the financial support requirements/documents.  An I-20 issued by one university is not valid to study at another university.
  2. International students with valid I-20s may take up to 25% of their course load each semester online, as long as the balance (75%) is taken in a traditional classroom (face-to-face) setting.
  3. International students do not need F1 visas to study fully online while living outside of the US.

Enrollment, academic, and financial advising, and all other services including accommodations support, tutoring, career counseling, access to libraries, live streaming of on-campus events, and communication networks for distance students are available to all students studying online anywhere in the world with internet access.  Learn more throughout the School of Distance Education Student Service webpages.