Why Students Choose Andrews Online

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Gideon Osei

Originally from Ghana, now serving in the Military, I've opted for online part-time study with Andrews University because it is convenient for working families and relatively cheap. I appreciate most the rapid response of email conversations with AU faculty and staff. If you are considering such a program with AU online, I'll say it is the right place for it is a recipe for success and peace of mind.

BA Religion, California, USA

Antonius Saparinus

While pastoring in Jakarta, I am studying part-time. I appreciate that learning hub is available 24/7 and my financial advisor has helped me a lot. The faculty-student seminary forum for international students really brings all the "brotherly love" and support I needed for my study. I have learned that being a leader isn't just about knowing what to do in every situation needed but also how to think, say and act like Jesus Christ our one and only true leader.

MA Religion, Jakarta, Indonesia

Bianka Rinko

I chose Andrews University because my sister lives near campus. When we couldn’t move to the US this year due to coronavirus, I chose to start my studies online. I most appreciate that my teachers are faithful Seventh-day Adventists, who share their faith in God with their students. It’s a great gift to receive encouragements, prayers, and Sabbath greetings from my teachers. Besides that, all student supporters are very helpful, especially my Academic Advisor.

BS General Studies, Hungary

Richard Lydick

Andrews online allows me to earn my degree while I am in the Navy. I appreciate the professors and support at Andrews; they are ready to help. To succeed, make time for your classes - you only get out of them what you put into them!

BA Religion, Japan

Tran Tran

I chose Andrews online firstly because it is tailored to my schedule. Faculty are highly qualified and caring. The learning group is supportive. The annual on-campus roundtable is well organized, beneficial and enjoyable. All my concerns are handled by faculty and staff in a thoughtful manner. Stay in touch with your advisor and the learning group whenever you feel low in energy or motivation.

PhD Leadership, Vietnam

Victor Carreiro

I chose Andrews University for its quality and devotion to education within the context of a Christian worldview. Despite being thousands of miles away, the instructors are involved in the activity of their students and the advisors are incredibly helpful in setting us up for success.

BA Religion, Washington, USA

Karen Lifshay

My Andrews experience helped me feel more confident that I can complete a task I started and that part of completing it is to learn from others and let them help you along the way. I have become a more well-rounded person because of the variety of learning activities in the classes I took and the way I was encouraged to approach each of them with an open mind. I am in awe that my graduation is really happening!

BS General Studies: English, USA

Amanda Sanders

Andrews online provided me with the Christian perspective and support I needed to graduate with two degrees. To succeed, be consistent and disciplined in studies and use Andrews University's online resources to the full.

AA in Personal Ministries & BA in Religion, USA

Samuel Tsegai

Although I was accepted to Adventist universities in other African countries, I was unable to attend due to the government preventing young men from leaving the country. The village where I live and teach is very remote. Even though it was difficult and expensive to travel to use internet, I was very happy to send my assignments and communicate with my teachers via email. Before internet, sometimes books and lessons were lost or confiscated in the mail. After 12 years of studies at a distance, I am so happy to graduate with a BA Theology

GU BA Theology, Eritrea

Sandra Blackmer

The best advice I can give someone considering studying online is to plan out a daily and weekly study schedule and stick to it. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to keeping up with the course assignments or it can become tempting to give up altogether. The professors are excellent—very instructive and helpful. The overall program provides a quality learning environment.

BA General Studies: English, USA

Tanya Thomas

Being a single mother, the power of God through Andrews University has given me hope for a more fulfilled and prosperous future. My advisor has always been available; this really makes a difference. Andrews Online is convenient and a blessing, but it takes hard work and dedication as you must manage your time wisely.

Certificate in Discipleship, USA

Isaac Nicolao

Starting my Andrews program at a distance allowed me to study as I was able to pay. With many courses finished online, I came to complete my degree on campus in one year. This Adventist university is the best with the range of courses and so many qualified lecturers. I studied by God's grace. To me this opportunity was like saying I was lost but now I am found.

BA Religion, Tanzania

Luis Martinez

Finding the Andrews online program opened an opportunity to complete my degree. It was the right moment in my life. I put all my effort into overcoming obstacles. Completing my studies built confidence and made new employment options possible.

BA Religion, Puerto Rico