School of Distance Education Services

The School of Distance Education extends access to Adventist education beyond campus, community, and national boundaries. We support our faculty and students around the world by promoting best practices in distance education and by creating a virtual community designed to nurture learning. This administrative unit  coordinates and supports all Andrews University online learning initiatives, monitors the quality of the delivery of online courses, degrees, and continuing education, and provides support to students, faculty and staff involved in online learning.

The School of Distance Education also operates most of the undergraduate online initiatives of the university, including adult degree completion, general education online, dual enrollment online delivery, and special programs such as Seize the Summer.

SDE Services

A variety of services and supports are included in the School of Distance Education services for online delivery:

  • Advice and training on advising online students (for AU managed online degrees)
  • The Distance Learning and Technology Committee, with faculty representation from all departments offering online programs, serving as an advisory board for the School of Distance Education
  • Advocacy for online students and faculty, and remote staff across campus
  • Advocacy for online friendly processes across campus 
  • Management and promotion of consortial agreements
  • Exam proctoring support and training
  • Online program development and design, including degrees that will mix face to face and online delivery
  • Quality assurance for degrees, courses, and continuing education