Study Success Tools

Study success is largely a result of personal choice in how to study. Explore resources recommended by topics linked below. Choose 2-3 actions you can take right now. Write them down. Then work your plan for  21 or more days to build new habits. Read more about what you find works. Adjust your strategy. If you have not made much of a change, share your new action plan with a trusted friend or mentor, asking them to hold you accountable. Plan to succeed. Begin today.

Are Online Courses Easier than Traditional Courses?

Making the Most Out of Online Tutoring | Guide to Online Tutoring

Study Guides and Strategies - lots of tips and tools

Learning Strategies Videos - requires Quicktime

How to Read a Textbook

Staying Focused

8 Time Management Tips for Adult College Students

Back to School Guide for Adult Students

Top 25 Proven Study Tips | 29 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Academic Success Strategies


Don't wait. Ask for help. We are eager to support you to success.
First contact your instructor with specific questions. Then share your concerns. Often this is the best solution.
Sometimes more help is needed. Online tutoring may be available via video conferencing. Email us, including your name and ID, course info and help needed, phone number and available times.
Mental health support is available to Andrews students by appointment at a distance. Anonymous and confidential online screenings if available free for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and alcohol abuse.