Student Wellbeing

While completing studies online, choose to increase wellbeing, which is important for happier, healthier living. Research suggests 5 ways to actively improve wellbeing: connect, be active, keep learning, be aware, and help others. Consider these ideas and resources to thrive spiritually, socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Choosing spiritual wellbeing helps us live with purpose and meaning. With a cosmic perspective, we can experience a peace that passes understanding. Making a choice to integrate your faith, learning and living enhances our wellbeing. Trust that where God guides, he provides. Consider these options to help you grow spiritually.

Bible Study & Prayer Tools

Web/Print Pages


Audio/Video Resources

Making a choice for social wellbeing is about connecting and including, even at a distance. Whether online or in our own homes, we can support, encourage and entertain one another.  Choosing to provide for others is what communities do best. Whether you are in need or in a position to pay it forward, we all grow and flourish when we take care of one another. 

Choosing physical wellbeing not only increases our strength and vitality but improves our mental and spiritual health as well. It also helps us to build our defenses against disease.

Choosing emotional wellbeing allows us to be patient with ourselves and empathetic with others, particularly during stressful times. Calming and caring for our selves makes us more resilient. Caring for others and experiencing God together increases emotional satisfaction with life.