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How do I make quizzes or exam for my course?
Last Updated 9 months ago

You can make quizzes/exams for your course. For complete instructions, please refer to the attached document.
How to:
1. Click Turn editing on
2. Click on Add an activity
3. Scroll to near the bottom and click on Quiz
 Give the quiz a name
 Under Timing, check the Enable boxes for Open the quiz and Close the quiz and set the dates
 Under Time limit, check Enable and set a time limit
 Under Question behavior, change the yes/no as needed for Shuffle questions and Shuffle within questions.

For more information see “How do I randomize questions” below
4. Under Grade, change attempts allowed, as needed
5. Under Review options, choose review options
a. Immediately after the attempt: what the student sees when they submit the quiz
b. Later, white the quiz is still open: what the student sees until the quiz closes for all students
c. After the quiz is closed: what the student sees after the quiz closes to all students

6. Click Save and display to put in question into the quiz

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