Be Prepared for Online Testing

The best way to ace any online quiz, test or exam is to be prepared. Read each section on this page for study tips, how online proctoring works, how to prepare for a proctored exam, and how to resolve challenges.

  • Complete all learning activities in all sections to be assessed prior to taking the quiz, test or exam. Do all assignments and turn them in on time to benefit from the formative feedback. Be proactive about asking your teacher and classmates when unclear about instructions or feedback.
  • Check how many of the tips in this mindmap you're following to best set yourself up to show what you know in any form of assessment (exam, text, quiz, etc.)
  • Consider these exam prep tips to prepare physically and mentally.
  • Use these study success resources to improve your study habits and thus better prepare for tests.
  • Ask God for wisdom as He gives to all liberally (James 1:5).  Pray for focus, persistently cutting out distractions and keeping a regular study schedule priority.

  • Most students use this appointment calendar to schedule online proctoring as it is convenient to take exams in your own quiet space at no charge. 
  • A local proctor can be considered for approval if an educator, who will commit to observe you through the entire exam. Local proctoring is an option if residing within the USA and not taking Math or Seminary classes. Click on the exam request form link in the course space to request local proctoring. Be sure to provide all the required information.
  • Please schedule appointments for exam proctoring at least two weeks before you need to take the exam. Be prepared to take it a few days before the deadline.  Not finding an appointment before your deadline when waiting until the last minute may negatively impact your grade; it is your responsibility to plan ahead.

It is your responsibility to arrange to complete the exam at a time you select within a few days before the exam deadline. Most students schedule a zoom session for online proctoring through our Testing Center; some classes permit finding an approved local proctor, and setting up the arrangements on the exam request form linked in your course space.

Once in the presence of the approved online or local proctor, these steps are followed:

  • Bring any items noted in the exam review to the exam session.  
  • Be ready to hold a legal photo ID close to the webcam when requested by the proctor. 
  • With online proctoring, you need a computer and a second device with fast internet, audio and video.  Be sure you are authorized to use the devices for your studies.
  • Choose a location you are authorized to show on video in a space free of distractions. All online proctoring sessons are recorded.
  • Log in to and select the class for which you are taking the exam or test.
  • Click on the link for the exam you are ready to take, then click Attempt Quiz, then Start Quiz.
  • Wait for your proctor to request you to share your screen, then take control of your screen while entering the passwords.  These are NEVER given to students.
  • Note how much time you have, and check the timer as you pace yourself to finish within the allotted time. 
  • Ask the proctor to clarify anything that is unclear. Your proctor is well trained in solving technical programs problems and documents anything unusual so your instructor can take this into consideration when grading.
  • Schedule exam sessions two weeks before the deadline or your own deadline. Procrastinators will have to take appointments several days before the deadline when the schedule fills; late scheduling is not a reason to request extra time.
  • For self-paced online courses, schedule the next exam as soon as you have submitted all assignments preceding the exam request link.  Be prepared to take the exam within one week.
  • For interactive online courses, schedule your exam session any day before the deadline listed in the course space and syllabus. If you're working ahead more than 2 weeks, or you have extenuating circumstances and arrange to take the exam after the deadline, request your instructor to email this permission to so proctors can open the exam for you.

Proctors must have academic or administrative responsibility in a university, college, school or workplace continuing education setting.  They must be able to proctor at their place of work, and be prepared to observe the student throughout the exam session.

Acceptable proctors include:

  • University, college, or school faculty and teachers
  • University, college, or school student service workers, advisors or counselors
  • Librarians in a supervisory position
  • University, college, school, military, workplace or other testing center

Special Considerations:

  • Students living outside the United States will arrange for proctoring online through the Testing Center.
  • If documented accommodations or connectivity issues make local proctoring the best choice but there is no educational testing facility within 50 miles from your location, contact the Testing Coordinator for assistance in proctoring arrangements.
  • We reserve the right to make alternate proctoring arrangements even when a proposed proctor meets the acceptable proctor conditions. Arrangements will be made with students individually in such cases.

Note that these are unacceptable persons to proctor Andrews University online exams:

  • No family members, fiance(e)s, or friends
  • No tutors, teaching assistants, coaches, or fellow students
  • No work colleagues who are not testing personnel
  • No pastors or other local church personnel
  • It takes 2 minutes to set up an appointment using our online appointment calendar. Be sure to read the email confirmation which includes easy rescheduling and cancelation links, if needed.
  • If you completed an exam request form for local proctoring and have not received an e-mail confirming your exam release within 2 business days, call or text (269) 471-6566 or email
  • If the exam time has not expired you can go back into the exam and continue taking it.  Your work will be saved up to the last item saved.  If the time has expired, call (269) 471-6566, or email to have the exam reset. An expired exam cannot be reopened to finish; permission to retake an exam can be arranged but this is rarely needed.
  • If you do not see the grade for an exam within a week, first contact the instructor listed in your course space. If no reply in two days, forward that email to for help.
  • Not necessarily. The final grade is weighted as explained in the syllabus. Grades are accessed through your University Academic Record, linked on your IVUE page.
  • If you need to earn a higher grade, contact your instructor to discuss options first. You may also repeat the course to replace the low grade on your transcript.

Maybe. Online proctoring appointments are available each business day as listed on our online appiontment calendar. A student may request after-hours service, Mondays through Thursdays, for a fee of $50 per exam, to be paid by credit card at the start of the exam session. After-hour service is subject to availability of staff.  Call (269) 471-6566 or email to arrange during office hours.

  • Exams for online classes can be scheduled to take online through zoom video conferencing.
  • Exams for main campus classes are taken under supervision by the instructor or as arranged by the instructor to be taken through the Online Testing Center. Consult your instructor if unclear.
  • Students needing to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) living away from Berrien Springs may email to arrange to take the MPE online.
  • The MPE is completed online using ALEKS PPL software. Students must purchase Aleks to review with customized learning module access for up to 6 months. Learn more and purchase here.
  • When all topics have been reviewed in Aleks, the proctored MPE can be scheduled on this online calendar.   
  • The MPE fee is paid online by wire transfer at the start of the exam session, so have bank information or credit/debit card ready.