Success with Final Exams

Physical preparation

            Maintain your regular sleep routine – you need all of your brain power.

            Maintain your regular exercise program.

            Eat right.

Mental Preparation

            Ask your instructor what format to expect on the test. 
            Know how much each final is worth, prioritize accordingly. 
            Estimate your current grade – how much do you need on the final? 
            Know your material.  Give yourself enough time to review. 
            Do a little more than you have to do. 
            Eliminate distractions. 
            Study to recall the information rather than to recognize it. 
            Study to know the information for a long time. 
            Set study goals (finish this section by …)

            Plan many short study sessions rather than one long one.

            Allow time between study times to process information.

            Make study cards or notes with key words or concepts. (Review often and 
            in different order).
            Group facts and ideas into categories that make sense to you.

            Link concepts to ideas you will remember.

            Say it in your own words.

            Make up your own test questions in a style similar to what you expect.

            Think about the instructor’s testing style – recall or recognition?

            Detail or main ideas? Abstract or concrete answers?

            Practice relaxing.  Use relaxation techniques.

            Be positive.

            When the going gets rough, remind yourself of your dreams.

If you need to cram

            Establish a schedule.

            Prioritize. Try to figure out which things are most important to learn.

            Create and outline of questions you think might be on the test, learn
            the answers.
            You cannot cram by reading the whole textbook.

Read introductions and first paragraphs of each chapter, chapter summaries, and questions/ study notes at the end of chapters.

Taking the Test

            Stay calm.

            Use a little tension for motivation.

            Set aside emotions – concentrate on the test.

            Wear comfortable clothes in layers.

            If you just barely know something, write it on the back of the test right away 
            so you will not forget it.

            Read all of the instructions.

            Ask for clarification if you do not understand the instructions

            Survey the test tp decide how much time to spend on each section.

            Answer the easy questions first.

            If you finish early, stay and check your work for errors.

Test Stress

            A little stress can be a good thing.

            Overprepare, then believe that you will do fine

            Practice relaxation exercises.

            If your stress is too strong, see a counselor now!

            If your emotions are overwhelming, see a counselor now.