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The architecture faculty aspires to teach sound thinking, practical skills, and rigorous scholarship in the discipline of architecture; and promotes students who: Craft buildings that are dignified, durable and purposeful; Design communities that foster civility; Serve mankind in accord with their professional and Christian vocation; Seek the virtues of joy, beauty, wholeness and moderation in their lifelong pursuit of learning. All this for God's honor and His glory until the risen Christ comes again.


Architecture Resource Center Librarian

Office Location: Architecture 110
Phone: (269) 471-2418


For the past 20 years Professor Demsky has been the Publication Display Coordinator for the annual Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) Conference. She received the Service Award from that organization in 1996 and holds a permanent position on the EDRA Board of Directors as Liaison of Publications and Public Relations. Currently, she is also on the EDRA Web Committee. Demsky publishes an annual Bibliography of the publications on display and coordinates the annual EDRA Book Auction that raises funds for student scholarships. She is past president of the Association of Architecture School Librarians and served on its executive board. In the late 1990’s she became professor of an annual religion class and European tour, “Special Topics in Waldensian Beliefs.”   This class is taught primarily for the students in the School of Architecture.   In October 2003, she edited The Faith and History of the Waldensians: Sketches and Journal Entries by the Students of the Division of Architecture 1998-2001. She currently prepares an annual “Waldensian Tour Guide.”

She was guest editor for the Winter 2008 issue of the Journal of Architectural and Planning Researchtitled “Environmental Design Research (EDR): The Field of Study and Guide to the Literature.”  In 2009 she published a peer reviewed book review in the Andrews University Seminary Studies Journal. Preachers by Night: The Waldensian Barbs (15th to 16th Centuries). Audisio, Gabriel.



  • M.L.S. Indiana State University at Bloomington
  • B.A. Indiana State University at Bloomington