The Aquatics Department of the ACW is happy to rent out our CPR Equipment for instructional use. We have manikins (adult and infant), bag valve masks, and AED's for rent. See the chart below for the different items and their rates.

Rental applications must be submitted at least 1 week prior to pick up date.


Here are the items and amounts of each that we offer:

  • Brayden Manikin (provides LED light feedback for circulation) - 1
  • Adult Manikin - 15
  • Infant Manikin - 15
  • AED Traners - 17
  • Adult Size Bag Valve Masks and Face Shields - 16
  • Infant Size Bag Valve Masks and Face Shields - 15



CPR Item


Adult Manikin (includes lungs) $15/manikin for 24 hour period
Infant Manikin (includes lungs) $10/manikin for 24 hour period
AED $10/AED for 24 hour period
Bag Valve Mask (both adult and infant sizes) $5/BVM for 24 hour period

25% discount for university groups/departments renting CPR equipment.



Please fill out the form linked below for the application to rent our CPR equipment. 

Pick up and drop off of items can be done at the Andreasen Center for Wellness Aquatics department. 


Click Here for CPR Equipment Rental Application!



Contact the Rental Coordinator for further information or questions.
Phone: (269)471-3257