Disc Golf

Download the Disc Golf Map here


Course Rules & Regulations

  1. Disk rental is available at the Andreasen Center for Wellness for $2 a day for up to 3 disks
  2. The course is Closed on Saturday- for the observance of Sabbath.
  3. No drinking, smoking, or foul language- Christian behavior is expected
  4. Do not leave trash on course - if you carry it on, carry it off
  5. Mandatories- Hole 1 has a mandatory, there are four pines in front of you and your disc must go left of the one on the far right. If it goes right of it take a 1 point penalty and start your next throw between the 3rd. and 4th. pine. 
  6. Out of bounds- If you land on a road  (or land over/past the road). or in a parking lot, you have gone out of bounds. Hole 11 has an out of bounds area (marked by rope). 1 point penalty and play from where it went out. If you land on the road crossing through hole 16 it is not a penalty- please watch for cars and throw when it is safe. 
  7. Hole 9 - The tee is part of the sidewalk, the end of the tee is where there are raised dots. 
  8. Please do not wreck branches or other parts of the course in attempting to get a better shot, we need to respect grounds the university has allowed for this course.