The Andreasen Center for Wellness Pool is available for pool rentals for various reasons and occasions.

The pool is available for rental on Sunday afternoons from 12:00-2:00 p.m. 

To schedule a pool rental, please fill out the Pool Rental Application Form to submit your request. The rental coordinator will contact you to confirm your rental and the desired details. All reservation details and payments should be finalized one week before the rental is scheduled on. If hosting a party with food, one of the classrooms must be rented out, which is done separately using the Facilitiy Reservation Request and Agreement Form. No food/drink other than water is allowed on the pool deck. 

All pool rental participants will need to fill out this waiver prior to rental day. 


Certificate of Insurance

The renter is required to submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI). This COI must be uploaded in your rental application at the time of booking. Here are the COI requirements:

Andrews University Risk Management requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for all non-university sponsored events. This includes personal events hosted by University employees and students. The COI must have a minimum policy limit of $1,000,000 to cover property damage and injury, and it must name Andrews University as an additional insured. In the special wording section, the COI should identify the specific event being insured. Individuals with a homeowner’s or renter’s policy should contact their insurance agent to see if their policy can produce the required COI as this is often the most cost effective option. Otherwise, you may search online for “Event Insurance.”

Without a COI, we will not be able to host your event.

EXEMPTIONS: Andrews University Departments, Ruth Murdoch Elementary School, Andrews Academy, Center for Youth Engagement & WAUS.


We offer a 25% discount to AU groups/departments for department events only when paying with an IDC number.


Group Size for 2 hr Rental (Available only on Sunday's from 12-2pm) Price
Up to 40 people $150

41-75 people

76-100 people $250
101-125 people $300
If you would like to rent an Instructor to work with your participants on basic swimming skills and strokes then you must plan to pay $20/hr/Instructor. Each group size should not exceed 10 students per instructor. Payment must be made with the rental fee.

Additional Rental Add-On 

Wibit AquaTrack 

Our new Wibit aquatrack is an inflatable pool -length obstacle course that is fun for ages 6+. Test individual skills on our course or challenge your friend to a race through the obstacles. Wibit is a company out of Germany that produces modular inflatable features. They have a proven safety record and have designed their products to offer fun in many water settings and making the products out of the highest quality materials. Check out their website here:

This feature is a deep water feature meaning it goes into the deep end, so only those who can swim can use it. No lifejackets allowed. If under 14 must pass a swim test. 

This Aquatrack features a step to get onto the course. The first obstacle is called :"the cliff" where the user must navigate either side of the slope using the handles and balancing their way around this cliff feature. Once past the cliff, you will find yourself at "the bridge" where you must navigate up and over without falling through. Balance and quickness will be needed for the "V-Connect" part of the course, because footing is limited and if you're not careful you'll find yourself slipping through to the water. If you're still standing at this point you'll need to look up to climb "the slope". Once at the top you can be rewarded with a 6 foot slide into the water below. Think it looks easy? It is known to be harder than it looks. Try your skills out today. 


AquaTrack  Price

2 Hour Rental 


For additional questions, call 269-471-3257 or email