Articulation Agreements

Andrews University maintains Articulation Agreements with several institutions, which fall into one of three categories, depending on whether the articulation agreement provides for Andrews University (1) accepting credits from the other institution, (2) sending Andrews University credits to another institution or (3) both accepting and send credits.

Accepts Credits from Another Institution

Atlantic Union College - General Education credits.

Lake Michigan College - Bachelor of Social Work program.

Manipal Institute of Technology - General Education credits, Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) with either Electrical and Computer Engineering emphasis or Mechanical Engineering emphasis programs.

Ouachita Hills College - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science General Education credits, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) credits.


Sends Credits to Another Institution

None in this category at present.


Both Sends and Accepts Credits to/from Another Institution

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary Agreement - Andrews University Master of Science in Community & International Development program and Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary Master of Arts: Peace Studies program.