Online Course Development

Welcome to the exciting world of online learning! Whether you are teaching online for the first time, developing a new online degree or program, or are a veteran online educator, we hope you will find these resources useful for navigating the online course development and teaching process at Andrews University.

Services We Provide

  • Instructional design
  • Advice on various ways to convert face to face courses to an online course format
  • LearningHub support
  • Assistance with formatting materials for the web (written content, audio, video, etc.)

Course Development Handbooks

Syllabus Support

Online Course Reviews

Online Course Development Team

To arrange for support, please contact Amy Maydole at

Janine Lim, Associate Dean, Online Higher Education

Amy Maydole, Course Manager

Marsha Beal, Technology and Instructional Design Specialist

Lileen Coulloudon, Online Quality Assurance Specialist

Michael Gayle, Curriculum and Learning Design Specialist

Lea Danihelova, Instructional Facilitator

Stephen Eccles, Instructional Facilitator

Christine Jin, Instructional Facilitator

Alya Suliman, Instructional Facilitator

Jacky Yeung, Instructional Facilitator