1. Who/e-mail: Keith G. Calkins, calkins@andrews.edu, local faculty, others, RESUME, c. vitae, spam.
  2. Work: Associate Professor at Andrews University hosting the Berrien Co. Math & Science Center for Berrien RESA. Syllabi. Curriculum. NCSSSMST, 520, 570, 611, axioms, calcs, physics, LMC, PS WO, ITS WO.
  3. Research/Consulting: Notre Dame atomic physics, dissertation, Mersenne Primes, UofR, other publications, XDX.
  4. Education: M.S. computer science, M.S. math/ physics M.S. physics Notre Dame, MAT Sec. Ed.
  5. Hobbies: TeX, caving, [family] history, genealogy, carving, chess, digipixs.
  6. Books in progress: Arithmetic, Algebra, Numbers (html/pdf), Stat. Intro, Geometry: HS/, Coll., Prob. & Dist., Precalculus, AP Stat., Math Bios/other, and Calculus.
  7. Computers: Andrews University Computing Center, o.s., h/w, and s/w, CP-V on Xerox Sigma 9's, Sigma/Emulators, Manuals, old T&A, new T&A, stopwatch
  8. Other: news, pet peeves, quotes, Webct, and miscellaneous.
  9. Personal: house, barn at the Calkins Centennial Farm, near (Home Harbor Farm), EDTE417, EDTE480, EDTE588, Swedish Jr. College/Seminary.
  10. Private: local files, to do list, honey do list, portfolio.
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