Programs & Degrees

For a full listing of Agriculture degrees and course descriptions, see pages 98-103 of the Andrews University Bulletin

  • Agriculture Program
  • BS-Agriculture
  • BT-Agriculture with concentrations in Agribusiness, Animal Husbandry and Crop Production
  • AT-Agriculture with  concentrations  in Dairy Herd Management and Crop Production
  • Animal Science Program
    • BS - Animal Science with concentrations  in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Management, and Equine Science
  • Horticulture Program
    • BS - Horticulture with concentrations  in Landscape Design and Landscape Management
    • BT - Horticulture with concentrations  in Horticultural Crop Production, Landscape Design, and Landscape Management
    • AT - Horticulture with in Landscape Design and Landscape Management
  • International Agriculture Development Program
    • BT - International Agriculture Development
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